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Bail bonds amarillo, texas

bail amarillo

We can help you get out of jail

Being arrested is a very troubling, embarrassing, scary, and painful experience for you, your relatives, and your loved ones.

We understand. We can help you through it – emotionally and financially – by guiding you step by step and then making it easier for you to pay for services you need.




We are a family owned business with years of experience. We are here to serve you and want to make sure you understand the bail process.


Our bail agents are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will meet you regardless of the time of day and answer the phone all hours.


Affordable bail bonds company, with the fastest and friendliest service. We’ll guide you through every step and answer every question. 

Bail bonds amarillo, texas

bail amarillo


How Bail Works

When a person gets arrested in the State of Texas and booked for a serious crime they must wait in jail until a bail bond hearing. At the bail hearing the judge will set the bail amount. If the person cannot afford bail, they must wait in jail until their court date, but there is a better option!

Bail is a process by which you pay a set amount of money to obtain your release from police custody. As part of your release, you promise to appear in court for all of your scheduled criminal proceedings. Hire a bail agent.

When contacting a bail agent, have as much information as possible including the full name of the person in jail, what jail they are in, their booking number and what charges.

Our bail agents are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will meet you regardless of the time of day and answer the phone all hours. We can meet you at the jail to post the bond or at our offices. If you are not in the same city as the defendant all paperwork and payments can be handled over the phone or electronically.

The Process of Posting Bail

When you “post bail,” you are paying the amount that your bail was set at. This can generally be done in a few ways, including:

  • Paying by cash or check in the amount of your bail;
  • Signing over ownership rights to property that has a cash value that is equal to or exceeds the amount of your bail;
  • Giving a bond (a promise to pay if you do not appear) in the full amount of your bail; or
  • Signing a statement that says you will appear in court at the required time, generally called “being released on your own recognizance.”

Most bail bonds agents typically charge 10-15% of the full bond amount. This can be higher or lower depending on the circumstances and the location of the arrest. Different counties charge different administrative fees. You will not get this money back. You can also sign over collateral or property like a house, car, jewelry, or other goods that can help guarantee that the defendant will show up to court. Our bail agent will post the bond once the premium is paid. It can take a short time or as much as a few hours to process someone out of jail depending on how crowded the jail is.

Bail bonds in texas

bail bonds

Getting Released On Your Own Recognizance After Your Bail Bond Hearing

Once the judge sets bail during the bail bond hearing and the bail bond is issued, the defendant will be released from jail. They must show up for all court hearings and meet any conditions set by the court and bail agent. If the defendant fails to show up to court the bail agent must pay the court the full bond amount.

When the defendant violates the bail conditions, the bail agent will locate the defendant and take them back to jail. Keep in mind that if the defendant does not make their court date you can lose any collateral that was signed over with the bond. So long as the defendant complies with the terms set by the bail agent and shows up for all court dates you won’t have anything to worry about regardless of whether the defendant is found innocent or guilty. The bond is exonerated or completed when the trial is over.

Bail bonds in amarillo

Bail bonds near amarillo, texas

Serving the Texas Panhandle


  • Amarillo (Potter County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Canyon (Randall County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Claude (Armstrong County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Clarendon (Donley County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Dimmitt (Castro County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Hereford (Deaf Smith County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Pampa (Gray County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Miami (Roberts County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Dumas (Moore County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Tulia (Swisher County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Childress (Childress County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Vega (Oldham County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Wheeler (Wheeler County Sheriff’s Department)
  • Nationwide – Areas may vary

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No bail bond was really wanting to help my case.They were all about the money. Freedom is the place you need to go.
Normally almost NEVER give 5 stars to anyone but when the person that runs this business contacted me moments after I did concerned about what could have been better...that kind of concern for customer service warrants FIVE sir!!!!
Danny Dodson
Danny Dodson
Honest, reliable guy that knows what he's doing to help in a situation. Be honest with him and he'll be honest with you.
Jamis W
Jamis W
I adore this family and business. Always willing to help and given the nature of their business.... Have never judged or looked down upon me ...
Sarai Greer
Sarai Greer
Awesome and friendly staff. Very efficient
Thomas Edmonson
Thomas Edmonson
Chase was absolutely the best! Fast, efficient, and so mannerly. If you or your family ever get in any position and need a bail bondsman this is the only place to go in town!
Kensi Syvoraraj
Kensi Syvoraraj

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    Freedom Bail Bonds
    413 S Fillmore

    Amarillo, Tx 79101

    Local: 806-374-0333
    Toll-free: 866-374-0333
    Fax: 806-374-0885

    Pampa: 806-669-0333
    Hereford: 806-363-2245
    Dumas: 806-935-2245